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Terms and Conditions

  1. The DigiBizz Freelancing Program is not an offer of an employment and it is in no way associated with any future employment opportunity. The program only aims to provide training to the candidate to enhance their professional capability and employability.
  2. Candidates will be required to follow all the rules and regulations of the program including timings and confidentiality requirements.
  3. The candidates will be awarded training completion certificates on successfully completing the program. These certificates will be based on formal performance evaluation and rating. Candidates will be evaluated on attendance, student’s performance and other assignments, which may be assigned during the span of course.
  4. The duration of the training is 50 lectures. However, the management reserves the right to discontinue the training of a candidate at any stage without any reason.
  5. The submission of application does not guarantee that your application will be successful for enrollment in the program.
  6. Any decision by the management regarding training is not challengeable in court /judiciary.
  7. Management has the right to reschedule classes at any point in time.
  8. Any decision by the management regarding training or transfer of the center not challengeable in any court/judiciary.
  9. The shortlisting of candidates will be processed according to the center he/she has chosen however management has the right to change the center with in the same district according to the center capacity and marks in test.
  10. Stipend money will be provided.
  11. If you are attending physical classes:
    • Candidate must be available during the training hours to attend this training.
  12. If you are attending online classes:
    • The content taught will be the copyright of the DigiBizz Freelancing Program. If case the student found copying will be expelled from the training program.
    • Online attendance and class rules and regulations to be followed properly throughout training program.